Multi Currency Checkout App for Shopify

Checkout in more than 125 currencies

  •  Localize your shopify store checkout for foreign customers.
  •  Reduce your international abandoned checkouts upto 50%.
  •  Increase sales internationally with your single shopify store.

Shopify mCheckout App

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When everyone seems to shop online, why are 67.45% shopping carts abandoned? Research shows that many of the foreign customers abandon checkouts because total price is not displayed in their local currency. Even though you have setup any currency converter app on your shopify store, its biggest limitation is, the checkout remains in store's default currency. This is a turn off for people who have used currency switching for adding products to your cart. As a result, foreign customers tend to get frustrated, confused, disappointed and leave your store at checkout.

Shopify Multi Currency Checkout

Checkout in home Currency

With mCheckout app total price, taxes and shipping rates at checkout can now be displayed in customer's home currency. The app detects the Currency conversion rates and displays the price accordingly on the checkout page. The working of the app is not limited by just setting the price in particular currency. It also lets buyers pay in that currency so that they won't end up paying additional amounts to bank for foreign exchange.

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Refund in same currency

Shopify mCheckout app handles refund policy perfectly. Whether the transaction is performed with Paypal or Stripe, refund can be done in same currency. Clearly, the user will get his money back in currency which he has used during his checkout.

Shopify Multiple Currencies Checkout

No more recreation of coupon codes

All coupon codes and discount codes of Shopify are directly compatible with mCheckout app. You do not have to create the same coupon codes and discount codes again.

Best Multi-Currency Checkout App

Supports Dynamic Shipping

This app supports custom credentials with USPS, Canada Post, UPS, or FedEx to display calculated rates at checkout. The app works on all platforms (operating system) without needing any modifications.

The app charges $9.95 per month from the store owner and 1% currency conversion from the customer of the store. However, the 1% are already added in the converted prices which customer is shown across the store and pays at checkout.

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If you face any issues during or after installation process, feel free to mail us at It will be resolved within 12 hours. Our team of experts offer free of charge customization to blend the app with your Shopify theme.


MLveda's mCheckout app is flourishing with 55★ reviews.

Yes. Our app supports more than 125 currencies in which the customer can pay at the time of checkout.

The app charges $9.95 per month from the store owner and 1% currency conversion from the customer of the store. However, the 1% are already added in the converted prices which customer is shown across the store and pays at checkout.

Our app supports Stripe and Paypal for collecting payments in multiple currencies.

No. You will need to open a separate account on stripe.

No. The app has nothing to do with the existing payment gateway connected by you in shopify. The checkout in store currency will take place through that gateway only. The checkout in currencies other than the store currency will be processed by gateway connected with mCheckout.

The checkout pages are SSL compliant. However, as the debit card is charged and stored directly by the payment gateway, PCI compliance is not needed.

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Simple and Easy to Use Apps

All MLveda Apps are disgned by UX experts with focus of Simple and Easy to Use designs. It required minimum efforts and time for store owners to start using app. The apps are technically complex in backend but our designers make sure that store owners are saved from all the complexities and are provided with clean and elegent interface.

<5 mintues for learning any app

Our user friendly interface makes it really easy for store owners to start using the apps .

We make sure that User Learning Curve is minimum for every Shopify Apps by MLveda.
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24x7 Support

One of the best parts of using MLveda Apps is our customer friendly and responsive 24x7 support. We are available on chat/email/phone all the time to help store owners.

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Scalable Architecture

Our Apps are designed to handle millions of requests every minute. We use rhobust fault taulorent and scalable algorithms in backend to acheive the same.

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We host all our apps on cloud which are built for supporting scalable solution unlike most other apps who use shared hosting and are inherently slow.

Amazon EC2 Cloud
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Responsive UI

All our apps are responsive. Hence, they are easily accessible from any devise like Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phones.

Must have apps from Shopify Appstore.

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MultiCountry Pricing

Setting different pricing for different countries can largely increase your sales, revenue and profit. However, one requires to create a separate online stores for different countries. Our app enables you to achieve exactly the same with your existing store.

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Every 3 out of 5 online shoppers buy from mobile devices. If your mobile site is slow, then shoppers will be frustrated and may never return back. You need to provide them smooth and fast firsthand experience which regular mobile pages may not be able to do so.

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Recently Viewed Products

Customers can become frustrated if they cannot easily find an item they recently viewed on your website. So having a ‘Recently Viewed Products’ section on every page of your website, in the footer makes it easy for customers to compare products or simply go back to an earlier choice and complete the sale.

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Recommendation Apps

In the era of information blast, it is an essential for every store to help customers find products of their interest quickly. The best recommendations are of type "Customers who viewed this also viewed" because Amazon and all the other major e-commerce sites all round the world use them.

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