Multi Country Pricing Shopify

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Multi Country Pricing

  •  Increase revenue and profit by setting different prices for different countries.
  •  Saves you from expense and headache of creating new stores for different countries.
  •  Easy installation with minimal configuration and excellent support free of charge.

Setting different prices for different countries can largely increase your sales, revenue and profit. However, one requires to create a separate online stores for different countries. Our app enables you to achieve exactly the same with your existing store. It not only saves your money and headache of managing multiple stores but also allows you to expand your horizon across your borders.

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Multi Country Pricing Shopify

Increase Profit by setting higher prices

With Multi Country Pricing App, you can set higher prices for different countries for same product. This enables store owners to increase profit for their international sales.

Multi Country Pricing Shopify

Inclusive Shipping Cost

International Shipping cost are quite high most of the times. Sometimes it even increase more than the original price of the product. High Shipping cost turn off the customers and result into abandon carts. With Multi Country Pricing app, you can set price inclusive of Shipping cost for foreign customers and keep shipping cost as 0.

Shopify Multiple Currencies

Geo-Location Based Country Detection

Shopify Multi Country Pricing App automatically detects the IP of the user and from that it finds out the country from which the user is browsing your store. The app then show price set for respective country to that user. The app works on all platforms (operating system) without needing any modifications.

Multi Country Pricing Shopify

Tax Exemption Pricing

Many times, there are shopify tax exemptions for selling outside country like EU union. With Multi Country Pricing app, you can set TAX inclusive and exclusive prices for different countries.

Shopify Multi Currency Checkout

Checkout in native Currency

Research shows that many of the foreign customers abandon checkouts because total price is not displayed in their local currency. You can reduce such international abandon checkouts by displaying the checkout amount in customer's native currency by installing mCheckout app by MLveda.

Customers who are using the app

Shopify store owners from various countries are using this app for their target international audience. Few of the sites are listed below for your reference.


The app has a free trial period of 15 days. After the completion of the trial period, it will be charged at $29 USD / month.

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If you face any issues during or after installation process, feel free to mail us at It will be resolved within 12 hours. Our team of experts offer free of charge customization to blend the app with your Shopify theme.


MLveda's Multi country pricing app is flourishing with 40+ 5★ reviews on shopify

If you are selling internationally and wants to set different prices for different customers then this is a must have app for you.

Here are a few of several use cases.

  1. The store owner wants to set different price for different countries to increase their profit.

  2. The store owner wants to set customer specific pricing for foreign customers such that they can include shipping prices and taxes in product price itself.

  3. The company has multiple warehouse and they want country specific inventory management to increase international sales.

  4. The store does not want to sell a few products into certain countries.

We use cloud infrastructure of amazon EC2 which is designed for high scalability and uptime. We are available 24x7 for our customers via email/phone.

Absolutely. Once you have installed the app, just add us ( ) as a staff member. We will setup the app within 24 hours.

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Simple and Easy to Use Apps

All MLveda Apps are disgned by UX experts with focus of Simple and Easy to Use designs. It required minimum efforts and time for store owners to start using app. The apps are technically complex in backend but our designers make sure that store owners are saved from all the complexities and are provided with clean and elegent interface.

<5 mintues for learning any app

Our user friendly interface makes it really easy for store owners to start using the apps .

We make sure that User Learning Curve is minimum for every Shopify Apps by MLveda.
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24x7 Support

One of the best part of using MLveda Apps is our customer friendly and responsive 24x7 support. We are available on chat/email/phone all the time to help store owners.

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Scalable Architecture

Our Apps are designed to handle millions of requests every minute. We use rhobust fault taulorent and scalable algorithms in backend to acheive the same.

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We host all our apps on cloud which are built for supporting scalable solution unlike most other apps who use shared hosting and are inherently slow.

Amazon EC2 Cloud
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Responsive UI

All our apps are responsive. Hence, they are easily accessible from any devise like Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phones.

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When everyone seems to shop online, why are 67.45% shopping carts abandoned? Research shows that many of the foreign customers abandon checkouts because total price is not displayed in their local currency.

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Auto Currency Switcher

If your business is spread across multiple countries, you would always want the visitor to be able to see the displayed price in their home currency. Seeing displayed prices in one's home currency save your foreign customers from Pain of mathematical gymnastic.

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Every 3 out of 5 online shoppers buy from mobile devices. If your mobile site is slow, then shoppers will be frustrated and may never return back. You need to provide them smooth and fast firsthand experience which regular mobile pages may not be able to do so.

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Recommendation Apps

In the era of information blast, it is an essential for every store to help customers find products of their interest quickly. The best recommendations are of type "Customers who viewed this also viewed" because Amazon and all the other major e-commerce sites all round the world use them.

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